Petrol Stations
    Marquis Oil specializes in the acquisition, construction and operations of petrol stations. We are currently operation numerous stations across Malaysia with new stations under construction. With a dedicated stations team, we conduct regular thorough analysis of new potential site to ensure that we make strategic long term decisions before acquisition. Marquis Oil have developed strong partnerships with Shell and Caltex and as a result, have received good support and backing from our partners to expand our operations.


    Caltex Educity is one of our high profile stations which operates as the go to station for nearby residential developments, commercial buildings and transient customers in the Eco Botanic area.


    Shell Nallianna Services Station is strategically located by Johor Port of Tanjung Pelepas that serves customers from the nearby port and industrial warehouses.

    Construction and Management

    Marquis Oil oversee and manages the construction of all stations, working closely with consultants, contractors and oil majors to ensure the safety, right services and support are provided for our customers.