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The Marquis Oil Team

Organizational Chart

Mr. Manimaran
Ms. Debbie
Managing Director
Ms. Vanitha
Mr. Maninadarajan
Operations Direction
Mr. Kokhila
Operations Manager
Ms. Jun
CS Manager - Marine & Industrial
Ms. Jia Qing
Admin Cum Receptionist
Ms. Ailey
Warehousing & Logistics Team
Finance Manager
Mr. Wani
Junior Accountant
Mr. Sara
Junior Accountant
Ms. Thivya
Projects & Stations Manager
Mr. Anand
Operations Manager - Stations
Ms. Ghirthanah
Operation Executive Projects & Stations
Mr. Kanu
Support and Admin Manager
Ms. Sarena
Senior Executive 1 - HR
Ms. Tamil
General Manager - Marine & Power Segment
Mr. Vemal
Senior Sales Manager - Fleet & Industrial
Ms. Lin
Sales Engineer
Ms. Solehan
Sales Executive - General Industry
Mr. Faruq
Copyright © 2023 by MARQUIS OIL . All rights reserved.